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Medibank card issue date
Medibank card issue date

Where to find your card issue date, including when your card doesn't include one

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When processing a private health insurance claim online with Medibank, you're required to include your card issue date.

For many Medibank members, the card issue date can be found on the front of your member card, at the bottom right-hand corner.

How to find your card issue date if not found on physical card

On your digital membership card

Medibank issues digital cards for both Apple and Android users, and these include your card issue date. To obtain this:

  1. Download the Medibank member app from the Apple or Android App Stores;

  2. Open the Medibank app and follow the prompts to download your digital card to your digital wallet;

  3. Open your Medibank digital card in your digital wallet;

  4. For Apple, select the three horizontal dots, and for Android look for "more information"; and

  5. Scroll down to the section titled "Issue date".

From your policy start date

Your card issue date is typically 1 or 2 days after your policy start date. You should give both dates a try. Your policy start date is emailed to you when you sign up to Medibank. Alternatively you can contact Medibank who will be able to advise what your policy start date is.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team.

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