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Manage your saved card details
Manage your saved card details

More information about saving your card details and how to update them

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When entering your card details for a payment, depending on the business, you may have the option to save your details for next time.

By saving card details, you authorise this business to charge your card for purchases you make with them. This authorisation will remain in effect until the card expires. You may also cancel this authorisation by contacting the business directly.

Card details will be saved to your profile for each specific business, so will not appear when using Tyro Health Online with a different business unless you have separately saved card details with them. If you want to pay with a different card next time, you can enter new details, save them, then choose from multiple cards in the future.

If you want to cancel an authorisation and remove you card details with a particular business, you'll need to contact that business directly. In some instances, you may notice that the 'save card details for next time' checkbox may be ticked by default and not selectable - this will create a new authorisation each time.

If you want to update your card details, you'll also need to contact each business directly - they can update your Tyro Health Online patient record.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team.

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