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Connect your Tyro EFTPOS machine to Tyro Health Online
Connect your Tyro EFTPOS machine to Tyro Health Online

How to start processing transactions via your Tyro EFTPOS machine in Tyro Health Online

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Before you start

Before you follow these instructions to connect your Tyro EFTPOS machine to Tyro Health Online, please make sure you have:

  • Received your Tyro EFTPOS machine from Tyro, and

  • Activated your Tyro EFTPOS machine.

Activate your Tyro EFTPOS machine

When you receive a new or replacement Tyro EFTPOS machine, it will display a "Sign on Failed: Terminal not Activated" message when you turn it on.

To activate the EFTPOS machine you will need to contact Tyro's 24/7 Australian-based Customer Support team to activate it in our system. To ensure it's being set up for the correct business, Customer Support will need to confirm some business details before they can proceed with the activation.

If you have Tyro EFTPOS machine that needs to be activated, please call our 24/7 Australian-based Customer Support team on 1300 00 TYRO (8976) for assistance.

Add a terminal to a location

To connect your Tyro EFTPOS machine, first sign into Tyro Health Online and:

  1. Select the ‘Location’ tab from the sidebar,

  2. Navigate to the ‘Terminal’ option for that location,

  3. ‘Add another terminal’, then

  4. Follow the on screen instructions to pair your Tyro EFTPOS machine.

Placing your terminal into 'pairing mode'

To pair your EFTPOS machine, follow these steps:

  1. Press ‘Menu

  2. Select ‘Configuration

  3. Select ‘Integrated EFTPOS

  4. Select ‘Pair with POS

Once your terminal is ready to pair, please enter the terminal’s details (merchant ID and terminal ID) that will be displayed and follow the on-screen and terminal prompts to finalise pairing.

Processing transactions

Process a payment using a Tyro EFTPOS machine

After adding a terminal to a location, the Tyro EFTPOS machine will become available as a payment method when processing a payment from the ‘Get paid’ tab.

Process private health insurance claims via Tyro HealthPoint

If your Tyro EFTPOS machine is HealthPoint enabled (for private health insurance claiming) and you also want to raise HealthPoint claims from Tyro Health Online, please follow these instructions to connect your Tyro HealthPoint to Tyro Health Online.

If you already have a Tyro EFTPOS machine, but it isn't yet HealthPoint enabled and would now like to enable private health insurance claiming on your Tyro EFTPOS machine through HealthPoint, please see these instructions on how to sign up to Tyro HealthPoint.

If you require further assistance, you can contact the Tyro Health Online support team by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or by emailing

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