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Getting started with ECLIPSE
Get started with ECLIPSE in-patient claims
Get started with ECLIPSE in-patient claims

How to set up ECLIPSE claiming in Tyro Health Online

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Tyro Health Online’s ECLIPSE integration enables health professionals to process online eligibility checks and submit both in-patients medical and Overseas visitors (in and out of hospital services) claims via Services Australia.

Sign-up for Tyro Health Online

  1. Log into Tyro Health Online at

If you haven't yet set up your free Tyro Health Online account, here's how to get started.

2. Click on the 'Get Paid' tab, then select 'Get Started' on the 'Medicare/DVA/ECLIPSE' tile. (If you’re already enabled for Medicare Online, then the ECLIPSE tile should already be visible - nothing further is required to enable ECLIPSE claiming).

ECLIPSE registration steps

1. Confirm your business and location details

Here you'll be asked to confirm the business and location details that you’ll be creating ECLIPSE claims for.

2. Confirm your service provider details

This section is for adding the details of any providers who will be performing services that require a claim or online eligibility check to be submitted for - find out which professional category your speciality falls under. You can add as many providers as you need by clicking the 'Add another provider' button.

The 'Professional category' and 'Specialties' entered for each provider number determine which item codes are available when raising claims. To add or change the specialities for a provider number later, check out this help article.

3. Billing details

As ECLIPSE is a paid feature, you’ll be asked to add a credit card which will be used for billing purposes - read more about billing.

4. Medicare Online Claiming registration (per provider number)

As an integrated software vendor, we're required to use PRODA authentication for claims submission and Services Australia usually requires providers to submit an Online Provider Agreement form (HW027) to register for Medicare Online Claiming.

To simplify registration, Tyro Health Online will pre-populate the Online Provider Agreement which is also called the HW027 form - find out more about completing the form.

If you (the provider number) don't currently use another software vendor for submitting Medicare Online (PCI, Bulk Bill, or DVA claims), then the application form is required.

If another software vendor or PMS is being used to submit Medicare Online or ECLIPSE claims for a valid provider number, this form should not be submitted unless ECLIPSE in-patient medical Medicare only (IMC-MO) functionality is required.

If another software vendor or PMS is being used to submit Medicare Online or ECLIPSE claims for a valid provider number, then registering existing provider numbers with Tyro Health Online will disable submission of claims via your existing software. To avoid this, you can either: register new provider numbers; or continue with the application if you already have unique provider numbers or you intend to switch to using Tyro Health Online for online claiming with Services Australia.

For more information on Minor IDs, please refer to our article on registering for Medicare Online Claiming.

5. Private / Overseas health fund setup and registration

Whilst the Services Australia – Medicare Online registration will enable a provider to submit claims to Medicare, DVA and PHIs, it does not automatically enroll providers for health fund Scheme, Agreement or other No Gap / Known Gap arrangements.

For private health insurance claims, providers will need to register with health funds to access No Gap or Known Gap programs.

To register for these programs, providers need to reach out directly to the health funds, including: AHSA funds, ARHG funds, Bupa, Medibank and AHM, HBF, and NIB.

6. Verify identity of your business owners

To set-up ECLIPSE claiming, you’ll need to provide the details of two identification documents to complete an identity verification check - find out more about verification.

7. Finalise

Click 'Confirm and Continue' to be taken to a summary page, where you can review all your details and make any changes if necessary. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team. Tyro Health Online also offers an extensive User Guide for ECLIPSE - you can also request this from our support team.

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