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Process claims using a digital private health insurance membership card
Process claims using a digital private health insurance membership card

How Apple or Android devices can be used to process a claim on a Tyro terminal

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Claim with digital cards

Tyro Health supports digital private health insurance cards which are stored on a patient's mobile phone and can be used to process quotes and claims without the need for a physical membership card.

Digital cards can only be accepted on Tyro Countertop EFTPOS machines with HealthPoint. If this functionality is not available on your machine, please contact us.

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How to set up a digital card

Before being able to claim using a digital card, members must first set up their digital membership card and depending on your device, this will involve different steps:

  • For Apple, digital cards needs to be added to your Wallet.

  • For Android, digital cards are found within your health fund’s member app. Some Android users, depending on the fund, may need to update their fund’s app on their device beforehand.

For more information on accessing a digital membership card, please refer to the health fund's website.

How to process claims with digital cards

To submit a claim using your Tyro Countertop EFTPOS machines, the process starts with the same steps from your practice management software (PMS). If your PMS does not support private health insurance claiming, you can use Tyro Health Online to process private health insurance claims, at no charge.

Then, when the patient’s fund details are required on the terminal, the digital card is presented instead of swiping the physical membership card:

  1. Have the digital card ready – depending on the device, patients will have to select their digital card in different ways:

    1. For Apple, patients select their member card from their Wallet.

    2. For Android, digital cards are found within the members’ health fund app

  2. If the patient has multiple members on their membership card, then they can access their Patient ID by tapping the three dots in the Apple Wallet or within the health insurers app.

  3. Simply hover or tap the device on the Tyro terminal where contactless payments are accepted.

Then, the claim continues, including waiting for a response from the fund, and processing a gap payment if required.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team.

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