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Private health insurance claim experience for patients
Private health insurance claim experience for patients

More information on receiving claim and payment requests via SMS

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This article outlines how an online private health insurance claim is processed when the patient approval method is 'approval via SMS'.

For instructions on how to process online private health insurance claims via Tyro Health Online, refer to this other help centre article.

Patient experience

After clicking "submit" to send the SMS to the patient using the mobile phone number entered or saved under their record in Tyro Health Online, the patient will receive an SMS containing a link.

When sending a private health insurance claim or payment link to patients via SMS, the location name (where the service was provided) should be displayed in the message - refer to this help centre article for more information.

After following the SMS link, there may be a prompt to enable location services. Tyro Health Online may ask for this to verify that a patient is at the location that the healthcare provider has registered as their place of business.

For more information on how to enable, refer to this help centre article.

Alternatively, patients can choose to not share their location and instead pay for the service fully out of pocket, and submit a claim with the private health insurer directly.

When the claim is run (after patient confirms their member details), it must be approved/declined by the patient from your location within 15 minutes, or the transaction will be cancelled.

If the patient's member details weren't added via Tyro Health Online, then the patient can enter them here. Otherwise, then the patient will be able to view their benefit amount and gap cost before seeing the option to add their payment card details, and approve the claim and payment at the same time.

Once the patient selects approve, the transaction is complete and the invoice will be updated in Tyro Health Online, and the patient can enter their email address for a copy of the receipt.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team

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