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Patient approval methods

Our guide to help your patients approve a private health insurance claim

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There are two ways to submit a private health insurance claims (via HealthPoint) and each option involves a different way for patients to approve the claim:

  • Digital claim - this functionality is accessed directly on Tyro Health Online via the browser or through an integrated PMS partner. Health fund card details are stored digitally, and a patient approves their claim via a link sent by SMS to their smartphone.

  • Tyro EFTPOS machine claim - requests can be sent from an integrated PMS partner or from Tyro Health Online to a connected Tyro EFTPOS machine. A physical health insurance card is required from the patient.

Note: quotes (rebate estimates) can only be completed when submitted from a Tyro EFTPOS machine - not available with digital claims.

Approving EFTPOS machine claims

After entering the claim information in Tyro Health Online and clicking 'send to terminal':

  1. A prompt will ask you to swipe your patient's health fund card and wait up to 55 seconds for the claim to process, then

  2. A second prompt will appear with the gap amount.

After this second prompt, you can either click "accept" to go forward with the gap payment or "decline" to cancel the whole transaction.

Approving digital claims

After entering the claim information in Tyro Health Online and clicking 'submit':

  1. An SMS will be sent to the patient using the mobile phone number entered or saved under their record in Tyro Health Online - the transaction must be approved within 15 minutes and before the patient leaves your location.

  2. The SMS contains a link for the patient that will open up a Tyro Health Online webpage, then they will need to:

    • Share their location (health funds require a verified location).

    • Add their health fund details if not entered by you.

    • Review the claim submission and choose how they wish to pay for any outstanding amount (gap).

Note: location services must be enabled on the patient's phone - check out our help article on enabling this. However, patients can choose to not share their location and instead pay for the service fully out of pocket and submit a claim with their private health insurer directly.

Printable claiming guide for your patients

We've created a simple and printable guide for you to help explain how a private health insurance claim you submit via Tyro Health Online is approved from a SMS, including any gap payments.

If you require further assistance, you can contact the Tyro Health Online support team by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or by emailing

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