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Medicare Online and DVA
Getting started with Medicare Online and DVA
Activating Medicare and DVA claiming in Tyro Health Online
Activating Medicare and DVA claiming in Tyro Health Online

Follow these steps to activate Medicare and/or DVA

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If you haven't already, start by creating your Tyro Health Online account at

Once you've signed up for Tyro Health Online, you can activate Medicare and DVA by following these steps.

Please note that following this process will automatically set up ECLIPSE claiming too, if this is not applicable to your team, please continue and ignore any reference to ECLIPSE claiming.

​1. Select "Get Paid" from the navigation menu, and find the Medicare, DVA & ECLIPSE tile

Then click the "Get started" button and follow the prompts to complete the activation process.

Follow the prompts to enter all the required information to set up Medicare Online and determine whether the Medicare Online application forms are required by completing the agreement form requirement check.

2. Download your Medicare Online application form/s (if required)

Once you've completed the activation process, click "Download application form" to download your pre-filled Medicare Online forms. These forms must be filled out and sent to Medicare to register your providers for online claiming.

Once you've downloaded the forms you can see how to complete these by clicking the "View instructions for completing the forms" option. This will show you what details need to be completed, and how to submit these to Medicare. You can also find the same instructions here.

If you need any help at all completing these forms, you can contact us via the chat bubble on the bottom right of any screen or email us at

Multiple locations?
If your business has multiple locations we'll be in touch to help pre-fill your Medicare Online registration forms and any Banking details for Online claiming forms. You'll see this screen if this is the case for you. We will be in contact with you via email within a couple of days.

3. Complete your Business Verification Check

If you have a complex business structure, this may involve further guidance from our support team and we'll be in touch to assist. You can learn more about business verification here.

4. Submit these forms to Medicare and wait five business days

After submitting the Medicare Online registration forms the Medicare team will take up to five business days to complete the set up. Generally they will only contact you if there are any issues with your registration. If five business days go by and you haven't heard anything, you can begin submitting claims online.

🚨NOTE: Do not submit any claims in Tyro Health Online until Medicare has had time to process your application. Claims submitted too early won't be processed and you'll need to submit them again.🚨
If you've waited out the five business days after submitting the application forms you're ready to start submitting Medicare and DVA claims πŸ˜€

If you would like to learn more about ECLIPSE claiming, please check out our introduction to ECLIPSE in-patient claiming.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to our Support team, find our how you can get in touch with us at How to get help.
Looking for some more information? Click here for help articles all about Medicare and DVA claiming.

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