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Introduction to Tyro HealthPoint

Learn more about private health insurance claiming (via HealthPoint)

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Tyro HealthPoint enables service providers and merchants to process private health insurance claims and ensures you receive payments into your nominated account.

Ways to process claims using HealthPoint

Private health insurance claiming (via HealthPoint) can be processed either as a:

  • Online / digital claim: submitting a claim or rebate estimate / quote via Tyro Health Online without a physical EFTPOS terminal - send an approval request to the patient's mobile phone (via SMS), swiping a physical health fund card is not required.

  • Terminal claim: submitting a claim or rebate estimate / quote via your HealthPoint activated Tyro EFTPOS terminal - using a Tyro EFTPOS terminal requires the patient to tap or swipe their health fund card and can be sent either from:

How to set up HealthPoint

Get started online via Tyro Health Online

If you’re new to Tyro HealthPoint, you can set up both terminal and digital claiming online. Read our step-by-step guide on how to get started with Tyro HealthPoint online and once you’ve onboarded to Tyro HealthPoint, you can manage enabled providers online too – find out more.

Online set up and management of HealthPoint and online claiming isn’t available to businesses who were onboarded to HealthPoint (e.g., for Tyro terminal claiming) before 10 May 2023 – we will notify existing customers once this is available.

Processing claims via your Tyro terminal

If you have a compatible PMS, you'll also need to set-up the integration to send claiming and payments requests to your terminal. If you don't have a compatible PMS, you can still send claim and payments requests by connecting your terminal to Tyro Health Online.

Don’t have a Tyro terminal?

Your locations will just be activated for online claiming – find out more about claiming without an EFTPOS machine. If you decide to get a Tyro terminal later, find out more about how to get the device ready to process Tyro HealthPoint claims - please note, only Countertop terminals can process HealthPoint claims.

HealthPoint availability

Over 99% of Australian's with private health insurance are able to use Tyro HealthPoint to process their private health insurance claims. Check out the full list of:

HealthPoint settlement

Tyro HealthPoint will settle on behalf of the majority of participating health funds into one statement, except for HCF which settles funds separately - find out more about how Tyro HealthPoint settlements works.


Submitting HealthPoint claims online or via a Tyro terminal is free.

While there’s no cost to submit a HealthPoint claim, Tyro terminals are still subject to rental and payment processing fees and payments processed using Tyro Health Online Payments are subject to Tyro Health Online pricing.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team.

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