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Set up Tyro HealthPoint in Tyro Health Online
Set up Tyro HealthPoint in Tyro Health Online

How to get started with HealthPoint claiming via Tyro Health Online

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Tyro HealthPoint enables service providers and merchants to process private health insurance claims and ensures you receive payments into your nominated account - find out more about private health insurance claiming (via HealthPoint).


Setting up Tyro HealthPoint in Tyro Health Online will activate claiming at your location and enable your providers to process claims using both your Tyro terminal and Tyro Health Online (digital claiming). This step-by-step guide explains how you can use our single onboarding process to either set up:

  • Digital only claiming – enable providers at a location without terminals, or

  • Terminal and digital claiming – if you have a Tyro terminal, this enables providers at a location for both terminal and digital claiming (activated automatically).

Before you start

Online onboarding not available to all businesses

This functionality is currently only available to businesses that aren’t already set up for Tyro HealthPoint claiming. If you already have Tyro terminals with HealthPoint claiming and cannot see the ‘Tyro HealthPoint’ payment tile on the ‘Get paid’ page, then please contact us to apply for a new location or add/edit a provider. We’re working on making this available to all businesses and will notify existing businesses once this is ready.

Digital claiming not available to all businesses

If you signed up with Tyro before October 2021, digital claiming may not be available because of your HealthPoint settlement arrangement – find out if this affects you.

Sign up for Tyro Health Online

Enabling providers online and activating digital claiming requires signing up to Tyro Health Online – get started for free.

'Get started' with Tyro HealthPoint in Tyro Health Online

After onboarding to HealthPoint in Tyro Health Online, locations will be automatically activated for digital claiming and providers can be managed online from the Tyro HealthPoint settings in Tyro Health Online, including updating settlement bank details. All providers enabled at a location will be able to submit claims digitally and via a Tyro terminal (if available).

1. Log in and navigate to ‘Tyro HealthPoint’

Select ‘Get paid’ from the sidebar, then select 'Get Started' on the HealthPoint tile. Note, If you do not see the HealthPoint tile, please contact us.

2. Confirm your business details

Here you'll be asked to confirm the business details for the location(s) where you will be submitting private health insurance claims from.

3. Verify your business owners

Depending on whether you have already onboarded to another funder, or you’ve enabled Tyro Health Online Payments, you may need to complete our identity verification – find out more about our verification process.

4. Confirm your location details

  • This section shows the list of locations you have in Tyro Health Online – when adding provider details on the next screen, these will become the available options you can select from. You can add locations by clicking the ‘add another location’ button or edit the existing locations by clicking ‘Edit’ beside each option.

  • The email address for each location will be used to send electronic remittance for all the provider numbers submitting claims from that location.

  • Please note, once a provider is enabled under a location, the address will become linked to the provider number, so any changes to the address in Tyro Health Online (under ‘Locations’) this will create a new location for Tyro HealthPoint when adding a new provider later (the existing provider numbers will still be under the first address, so will error when claiming).

5. Confirm your provider details and settlement bank details

This section is for adding the details of any providers who will be performing services that require a claim to be submitted to a private health insurance fund. You can add as many providers and provider numbers for as many locations as you need by selecting the ‘add another line’ or ‘add another provider' button.

Ensure the uploaded letter or screenshot is not cropped/hiding any information and as higher resolution within the file size limit - find out more about the documentation required to register a provider at a location.

Settlement bank details are captured for every provider number and can be changed at any time from the Tyro HealthPoint settings. HealthPoint manages settlement for claims – find out more about HealthPoint settlement..

6. Finalise

Click 'Confirm and Continue' to be taken to a summary page, including the Tyro HealthPoint Acknowledge and Agreement. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.

7. Tyro Health Online Payments

Please note, if you want to process digital claims, you’ll need to set up Tyro Health Online Payments after completing the initial onboarding for Tyro HealthPoint before submitting a digital claim – this feature enables you to process gap payments using Tyro Health Online.

Next steps

How to submit claims (via HealthPoint)

After completing onboarding, providers will show as ‘pending’ until the provider number applications are reviewed. Once approved, the provider number will show as ‘active’, but some funds will be ready to accept claims the day after, while others can take a few days longer.

If you try running a rebate estimate (quote) via Tyro Health Online, a successful submission means the provider number has been registered with that particular health fund - check out our step-by-step guides on how to submit online and terminal claims.

Processing terminal claims via Tyro Health Online

If you have a compatible PMS, you'll also need to set-up the integration to send claiming and payments requests to your terminal. If you don't have a compatible PMS, you can still send claim and payments requests by connecting your terminal to Tyro Health Online.

Managing providers for Tyro HealthPoint

Use Tyro Health Online to add more providers, edit settlement bank details, and remove providers – check out our step-by-step guide on managing HealthPoint enabled providers.

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team.

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