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Private health claiming without a terminal
Private health claiming without a terminal

FAQs on processing claims without a physical terminal

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Tyro Health Online enables healthcare providers to submit private health insurance and overseas health insurance claims digitally, without a physical EFTPOS machine – this is currently available via:

Do patients need their member card?

While your patient doesn't need to tap or swipe their private health insurance card, they do need to know their member details, so that they can be entered into Tyro Health Online.

Instead of a patient swiping their membership card on an EFTPOS machine, an approval request is sent to their mobile phone via SMS. Check out our help article on approval methods to see what the SMS experience for patients looks like, including print out a guide to share with patients.

Are there any fees?

Digital private health insurance claiming via HealthPoint and nib Direct are 'Tyro Health Online Free Claims' and do not incur any transaction fees. However, if Tyro Health Online Payments is used to process a gap amount, then standard fees apply to the payment – find out more.

Do all HealthPoint funds support digital claiming?

Over 98% of Australian's with private health insurance are able to use Tyro HealthPoint, but while most funds support HealthPoint claims via a Tyro terminal, not all those funds also support digital claims and professions are either supported by all or some funds. Check out the full list of:

Who manages settlement?

  • For Tyro HealthPoint, settlement is not managed by Tyro Health and can vary depending on when you set up HealthPoint – find out more.

  • For nib Direct and Tyro Health Online Payments, Tyro Health manages the settlement of funds – find out more.

How do I get set up to claim online

For Tyro HealthPoint, if your business is not already set up for claiming via HealthPoint you can onboard via Tyro Health Online, check out our step-by-step guide.

Online private health insurance claiming (via HealthPoint) is not currently available to businesses already set up for HealthPoint or with Tyro Consolidated Settlements.

How to process private health insurance claims online

Please check out the following step-by-step guides:

If you have any questions, click on the pink chat bubble on our website or email our Customer Support team.

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